About CIV Team

profile picture of CIV Team Founder & CEO Stephen Rosenzweig CIV Team is an Employee Screening and Health Services company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. In addition to assisting DoDMERB applicants with their medical requirements, CIV Team specializes in Substance Abuse Testing, Background Screening, U.S. DOT Compliance Programs, and other Occupational Health Services.

CIV Team does not "Qualify" or "Disqualify" DoDMERB applicants. We only provide applicants with access to the necessary medical personnel to accurately and efficiently complete your medical requirements.

CIV Team offers the best value to our customers...

We measure value by:

  • How much we save our customers on the back-end, as well as how much we cost on the front-end
  • How well we streamline workflow for our customers as well as ourselves
  • How quickly we catch and resolve issues that could result in safety issues or fines
  • How much we lower our customer's legal expenses
  • How well we enable our customers to better focus on their mission
  • How we improve the health and wellness of our customers’ employees

We seek to provide the greatest value and not necessarily the lowest possible price. When there is a tradeoff to be made, we look at the total impact on our customers.

We consider front-end and back-ends issues as part of the total cost equation and offer our customer the best long-term solution. Our customers generally agree. That’s way so many of them have stuck with us for so long in a brutally cost-competitive marketplace.

Stephen Rosenzweig
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
CIV Team.